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AquaTraction isn’t just for recreational boats or just for commercial vessels. AquaTraction is an excellent addition to any watercraft. It adds style, comfort and safety to any boat – and with high-quality dealers spread strategically throughout the United States, AquaTraction is available in just about any market. If you’re looking for marine flooring that makes your boat look great and creates a durable, non-slip surface, AquaTraction is the solution you need. Browse below to find a full-service dealer near you.

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Thomas Huckaby

Gulf Coast AquaTraction

Thomas Huckaby, 27, grew up in South Louisiana and has always been passionate about boats. He is currently a music teacher in Baton Rouge and fishes in his spare time. His understanding of quality marine products is what drew him to Aquatraction in 2017. He understands that quality, customer service, and attention to detail is what every customer deserves.

Eric Hayes

Gulf Coast AquaTraction

Eric Hayes has been fishing in southern Louisiana ever since he could hold a fishing pole. Eric does it all from fresh water fishing on Sunday afternoons to taking long weekends to Venice, LA for the fisherman's paradise experience. This true Southern boy will follow the fish from one end of Louisiana to the other. He insists on using high quality products with all his adventures and this is why Eric was excited to join The AquaTraction Family.

Alta Mar Boatworks

AquaTraction of South Texas

Alta Mar Boatworks, LLC was founded in 2017 by Jarret Finkhaus to provide the Texas Gulf Coast with high quality boating services and products. Jarret grew up in South Texas (Corpus Christi) on the Gulf Coast enjoying time on the water and all the coast has to offer. With a passion for saltwater fishing, boating, and beaches we enjoy the pleasures of the coastal lifestyle daily. Spending endless time on boats along the Texas Gulf Coast’s hyper saline bay systems has provided us with an extreme test ground for marine and boating products. AquaTraction Advanced Marine Flooring handles the abusive elements with ease, comfort, and safety. Working in the civil and oil construction industry has provided Jarret with a background of project management, attention to detail, and most importantly customer service. We strive to provide our customers with precise custom AquaTraction Advanced Marine Flooring in a timely and professional manner. ...

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Alexander Boat Company

AquaTraction of North Florida

Josh Alexander is a 44 year old married father of 3 and has been married to his best friend since 1999. Josh has a long successful track record in sales in many fields ranging Automotive Sales (Salesman of the Year 96,97,98, Ford Motor Company Legends and Leaders Honor Society Member), Trade Publication Advertising (Senior Account Executive), Mechanical Contracting Sales ($3.4mil in 2012), and Private Marine Sales. While in college, Josh began his love for the marine and boating industry while learning to rig new and used boats as well as marine repair. In 2017, he had the opportunity to return to marine industry and founded Alexander Boat Company. With a focus on marine sales, it was a natural fit for AquaTraction. He is a dedicated family man who tries to instill love of the outdoors and fishing in his family. Family and fishing are top priorities in his life, in fact he still has the boat ...

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Southern Tide Customs

AquaTraction of Tampa Bay Area

Ben Fort is a sixth-generation Floridian and was born and raised in Polk County, Florida. He acquired his love for the water and fishing at a very young age. His dad and grandfathers, along with a few uncles, were very big influences on him, instilling in him a love and passion for fishing. Ben is married and has two girls who both love to be on the boat as much as possible. After a short time working in the family citrus business, Ben found a calling to become a professional firefighter. He has been a driver/engineer with the fire department for over 17 years. In late 2016, a good friend, Andy Werner of All Water Customs LLC, introduced Ben to AquaTraction and discussed the need for a dealer in the Tampa Bay area. After months of consideration, Ben started Southern Tide Customs in the summer of 2017. Southern Tide Customs serves all ...

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All Water Customs LLC

AquaTraction of Southwest Florida

Andrew Charles Werner is a 38 year old proud father of two. Born and raised in Naples, Florida Andrew has had a passion for fishing since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole. At age 18 he received his captain’s license and starting chartering full time. Although he graduated in 2002 from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in business, he still manages to be on the water in his free time. Over the past 10 years he has worked with numerous boat companies helping design custom layouts for their boats to optimize function and comfort. He has worked in the elite home building community of Port Royal in Naples, Florida for the past 10 years. With a construction based background, he offers a one-of-a-kind finished product with attention to every detail. Naturally, he was drawn to AquaTraction in 2015 and in 2016 he started All Water Customs. All Water Customs ...

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SeaJay Marine Group

AquaTraction of The Great Lakes Area

SeaJay Marine Group was established in 2005. First and foremost, we are avid boaters. We are very knowledgeable about boating and all marine products. In fact, we are constantly testing the newest and greatest products on our personal boats! We started the business over 10 years ago as a hobby simply because we love boating and the marine environment. What started as a hobby has since grown into a boating service and marine parts distributor offering some of the best products in the industry. We meticulously choose our product offering based on quality craftsmanship and classic timeless design. And we personally use the products we offer. We are the Great Lakes Full Service Dealer for AquaTraction. We would be happy to discuss your project with you.

Captain Jason Powell

AquaTraction of New England - Westport, MA

Captain Jason Powell has been a yacht broker with South Shore Dry Dock Marine (SSDDM) since 2000 and operates an office in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Prior to joining SSDDM, he attended UMass-Lowell and completed his master’s degree in physical therapy and sports medicine. He worked for the New England Patriots for two seasons (1991-92). He then worked in physical therapy private practice, while simultaneously earning a US Coast Guard captain’s license and starting a sport fishing charter business based in Westport, Massachusetts. Jason has run and fished aboard numerous tournament-caliber sportfish boats throughout the Northeast and logged as many as 20 canyon fishing trips per season. He was introduced to the AquaTraction product through a friend and immediately envisioned the numerous potential applications and demand given his experiences as a full-time yacht broker and avid fisherman. His hands-on experiences include a gas to diesel repower on his charter boat, co-ownership ...

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