Southern Tide Customs

Ben Fort posing with large fish

Ben Fort is a sixth-generation Floridian and was born and raised in Polk County, Florida. He acquired his love for the water and fishing at a very young age. His dad and grandfathers, along with a few uncles, were very big influences on him, instilling in him a love and passion for fishing. Ben is married and has two girls who both love to be on the boat as much as possible. After a short time working in the family citrus business, Ben found a calling to become a professional firefighter. He has been a driver/engineer with the fire department for over 17 years. In late 2016, a good friend, Andy Werner of All Water Customs LLC, introduced Ben to AquaTraction and discussed the need for a dealer in the Tampa Bay area. After months of consideration, Ben started Southern Tide Customs in the summer of 2017. Southern Tide Customs serves all of Tampa Bay, extending to the east coast of Florida, including Titusville south to Fort Pierce. With his years of leadership in the fire department, Ben is excited to share his dedication and passion to create a customized product for you.